2 part question here. First, can anyone recommend a reasonably priced midi foot controller to use with amplitube? Doesn't have to be huge but i'd like something a bit bigger with more functionality than the bluetooth irig controller. If it has an expression pedal that would be even better.

2nd question. Is it possible to set up the controller so that a set of buttons will change only the amps (so i can cycle through, clean, dirty, rhythm... etc) and then have another set activate only effects (delay, reverb, tubescreamer...etc). Or would I just have to assign a preset that includes all of those to each button?

I realize that sounds confusing. basically, can i just assign pedals to the buttons instead of creating entire presets for each button?
Behringer makes decent priced foot controller. You can also look used, the midibuddy usually pops up cheap online.
I believe you can program both ways, to control parameters or switch patches. You'd have to read a bit but it is doable.
1. the behringer FCB1010.
though you'll need a midi interface for that.

2. yes for both, it just takes a bit of programming.
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