I previously posted about getting a new amp for Christmas. I was fully set on getting the vox ac15c1. I then noticed that i can either get it with standard celestion greenback speakers or celestion v shape speakers. Could someone please indicate the difference In these speakers to me( I won't be able to try the V celestions). I may also be able to pick up a vox ac15c2 if I am willing to pay the extra money, would this be a better buy compared to the c1 at not that much extra cost. I play variety of music , mainly indie rock ( the smiths, Arctic monkeys etc). Amp would be for house practise and jamming with my friends. Thanks in advance.
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The only difference between the ac15c1 and the c2 is one extra speaker in the latter.
For convenience reasons, I'd get the 1x12" one.

Anyway, you mean celestion v type speakers?
These are kinda like smoother v30's.
I'd get greenback's.

The ac15 though you can get with alnico blue's.
Vintagey sound, isn't worth the extra money if ya ask me.

I'd still get the 1x12" with a greenback.
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I would 100% get the greenback equipped, then buy a Celestion Alnico Blue USED ($200usd or so) and put that puppy in there and then you will have amazing vox tone.

Honestly though if you can, i saw it was a christmas gift but if you are in a reasonably good area you can get a USED AC15C1 for about $400, you might even find with with a blue for around $550.

Very reliable and road ready amps, not a lot you need to look out for in terms of buying used
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