I liked the old school style. You did great job with the instrumentation to capture that 50s vibe. This reminds of Dj Shadow, especially the album Preemptive Strike. Sound quality is great!

I would've maybe liked to hear a bit more variation rhythmically. I'm not really an expert when it comes to old school hip hop, though. Anyways, I really liked your track. Keep at it!

I would appreciate if have the time to listen my track

Kool stuff mate, sounds good.. Gave you a "like"
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have posted what i thought of the track mate it sounds awesome, cheers for the good feedback and the like JW
Hey dude. I really loved the track, love how incredibly chill it is. I can see myself smoking something and just going deep into my couch on this one. I would love some rythmic variation tho'. It seems to go on and go but doesn't change. Nevertheless great track . Ow, I went and followed you on SoundCloud. I'm curious on what you'll compose next. Cheers!

Care to give me some feedback also on my thread?

really appreciate the good feedback man, the one thing i struggle with atm is mixing up the drums and such, no idea why. Cheers for the follow man I will check your track out when i finish college