Since Xmas is around the corner im looking to get a nice low watt tube amp. Ive heard mixed reviews about both these amps and was wondering what were your guy's feelings on them? I play classic rock/blues and some reggae. What was your experience with these amps and would you recommend? Im playing with a MIM strat w/te-mex pickups and a PRS SE custom 24. I dont gig yet and dont plan to for quite awhile so basically im a bedroom jammer and with friends. Thanks
The blackstar sucks for what you want to do.
Wait lemme rephrase that - the blackstar sucks.

No experience with the cub, really.

Mind that a low power amp will not sound better than a bigger amp at low volumes only 'cause it's smaller.
In fact, chances are if the big one sounds better at higher volumes (still before you start overloading the power section) it will sound better at low volumes as well.

So don't limit yourself to small amps just because you don't need to turn the volume up much.

That said, you sound like you could use a blackheart BH15.
Or a Jet City 2ch 20/50w combo.
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I had the Blackstar HT5 head for a few days, I did not like it.

That sucker was loud as hell through my Orange Rocker 30 combo though, the neighbor almost broke my door down
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