My dad found this for next to nothing at some thrift store the other day. Got it just incase I could use it.. and I'm not sure if I can! hah

How would I get use out of this if at all? I know about sustain pedals and thought about getting one before but usually a regular in-out Boss type, not this type with a quarter inch plug on one end and that's it..
Thats for a keyboard I think
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Yeah, if it's just got one plug then it's useless. It's just a momentary switch in a box to tell an electric keyboard to turn on its internal sustain setting. I guess you could use it to change your amp channel, but it's not a latching switch so you'd have to keep your foot on it the whole time. But it's not going to get you any sort of effect.
It actually has a switch on it to allow it to press to stay on, or to have to keep it held down to stay on. It could be useful for something in the future possibly but yeah if it's just an on/off switch it's fairly limited!