Gin smells like envelope adhesive.
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I wish I was American.

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stop drinking and start #eastwinning

I don't think I've ever had gin actually
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you cannot trust the djinn, because although some might be good, some are probably out to get you just because they feel like it. Unless it's Robin Williams.
will someone carry me across ten thousand miles under the silence
I've literally thrown up off the taste of gin alone.

One of the most disgusting things I've ever consumed
ayy lmao
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Taste depends on the gin and botanicals used.

Most people are familiar with the juniper heavy gins.

Gin is pretty much vodka that's been distilled again with some botanicals to flavour it..

edit: most people who hate gin are the sort who only drink spirits in shots, or in cocktails. gin is only ever served quite in your face with tonic, and often most bars put far too much tonic (IMO, correct ratio of tonic to gin is 2:1, bars will do it more like 4:1 because they are cheapsters)

If you are a proper liqour drinker and just dislike gin the way some dislike tequila (me) or rum, then fair enough.

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when i was a kid i used to rip off evergreen leaves and pretend to have a chew like some 40 year old thunder bay goon with a mullet and a trans am

tasted good though
I had Bombay Sapphire Gin mixed with Sprite. And I actually still love to drink it. Was my first real alcoholic beverage.
straight gin is weird but i love it. also gin + orange juice is the bomb

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If you are a proper liqour drinker and just dislike gin the way some dislike tequila (me) or rum, then fair enough.

tequila IS nasty shit tho
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Gin is definitely an acquired taste.

It's not too bad though.

I personally don't like vodka or rum at all, and I feel like those are the preferred liquors of most casual drinkers.
I like gin and tonics. I feel like James Bond about to get turned down by the fattest woman at the bar with that drink.
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Add tonic and you've got yourself a liquid Christmas tree.
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Love gin, but bad gin is just... bad. Like any alcohol really.

Don't jip yourself. Get the good stuff.
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I have an excellent gin that is made with spruce tips. If you think regular juniper berry flavored gin tastes like a christmas tree... and it's a higher proof, yet miraculously smooth. So good.

But yeah, cheap gin is worse than no gin at all. Unflavored spirits or beer is a better cheap drink route.
I used to think straight tequila was the worst, but somehow I've come around and can chug that shit like its water.