So recently, i tried out craiglist for the first time. I put a 200$ squier strat on there for 150. It didnt sell for a while, but eventually i got an offer: A 300 dollar epiphone in exchange for the strat. i accepted, and then that went on craiglist too. I managed to get a used prs, which i would value at about 500. That went on craiglist too. I kept doing this, and after throwing in 100 dollars here and there, I ended up with a used great Gibson les paul standard which I spent about 500 dollars and a lot of time to get
Nice! I did this sorta thing to end up with an Egnater Rebel 20 with cab for what was initially a $100 investment. I've used, initially, $120 to wheel and deal my way into a Telecaster that ended up being sold immediately to help clinch the score of a Mustang that I just absolutely had to have and still haven't put down.

I love trading on Craigslist. If there's a healthy market around you, it is very easy to climb the "craigslist guitar ladder" if you're somewhat savvy, patient and aren't specific. Once I get my Mash All+ module and spiffier delay, I'll probably throw in a few hundred bucks for something I haven't owned yet for the specific intent of climbing the "craigslist guitar ladder" just for pure sport and amusement.
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if you learn to solder and understand fretting you can get a lot of great deals. The money on craigslist is finding beat up guitars people are desperate to sell is my advice. I pretty much turned into a guitar tech over the course of 5 years on there. But it got boring and moved onto something else. It was to the point I was selling internationally and I made so forth but I needed a bigger challenge. I can give you some pointers though. It's great for a weekend hobby or something part time unless people invest a lot of money (whole sale = bigger profits) or know the right guys.

also.. double check and see if the gibsons legit. There were a ton of counterfeits on my craigslist. A fake gibsons about 300-400$ american. They hold no candle to gibson either. My friend worked for the best guitar shop in the city worked on 4 and this legit les paul custom sounded and played way better.

youtube will tell you how to spot a real or fake gibson by the way. Easiest ay is in the electronics of the guitar. poorly soldered electronics , they are smaller than real gibson ones and usually but not always nickel braided wires for the pickups. Hopefully your guitars legit though.
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I've heard of some people on a yahoo article or something starting with a paper clip and trading all the way up until they got a freaking car...no shit. The market around me is pretty slow for some reason. The only deals I've ever had/made were a $300 Synyster Custom that I made profit on selling it and a $180 C7 Hellraiser. Made a huuuge profit on that one.

And then theres my Epi LP Custom with EMGs and a hsc that I've dropped down to $250 once and nobody wants it