Hey everybody, i love the tone on the first LOG album im having a hard time pinpointing it tho, any thoughts?? Btw i use a Krank krankenstein with a randall 4x12, a boss ns2, and a mxr 6 band.
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The real secret to LOG's tone is how incredibly tight they play. They don't skimp at all on technique.

That being said, I know Mark uses Mesa Mk5s, not sure about Willie. Both rigs are very simple though. I'd recommend looking at some Mesa Mk5 and Dual Rectifier demo videos and try to get your tones straightened out there. The Krankenstein should not be too far off.
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Plenty of mids that's for sure, and not too much gain. The LOG is really punchy and precise, you want just enough distortion to keep it smooth and get your sustain but not too much as to make it fizzy. Is you Krankenstein the first or second version?
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I'm pretty sure NAG through Ashes of the Wake were Mesa Mark IVs, but you can get that sound out of a Mark V as well.

The main thing, as others have said, is that LOG does not use that much gain in their tone. I mean, it's still a high-gain tone, but not in death-metal territory. Very little, if any fizzyness to their tone. (10-band EQ can really help this).

Also, the pickups really influence their tone. They definitely don't use active pickups, but rather medium-output passive pups. I used to have a guitar with a Dimarzio D-sonic and could get very close to LOG tone through my 6505+. I cannot get that tone currently with my SD Blackout-equipped guitar. So definitely consider what pickups you're using.
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