We are a guitarist and a drummer that have been playing together for over a year. We have good chemistry, gear, and if I may say so, playing abilities. Both of us are dedicated musicians constantly improving on our instruments and as people. Both have played in other bands, recorded, and played live before. Currently we have about 5 finished songs, 8 or 9 partially complete ones, and a modest repertoire of covers. Demos of terrible sound quality available upon request.

Seeking a third person. If we find more, that may work as well, but we are both attracted to the idea of a trio. Logically, a bass player would round out our sound in traditional rock fashion, and that would be cool. However, if someone plays keyboards, or another instrument, we would be open to that as well. Vocalists also could be interesting. I sing some, but not incredibly well, though I am a pretty damn good lyrics writer, as I write full-time for a marketing company and regularly get creative writing published on the side. I'd prefer to be a backing/co-vocalist. Another guitarist would be possible, but I've had compatibility issues in the past. I selfishly admit I like having the guitar spotlight, but I am not going to hog it from the other players. Anyways.

Stylistically, we like heavier music, for the most part. I'm into all kinds of stuff, and the drummer has recently been getting into jazz and other styles. We're saying mathcore/jazz fusion/progressive/experimental to put that kind of label on it, but mainly we like to just groove and go wild. Labels are silly. We just want to make open-minded music we think is cool.

As the title says, we're in Northeast Ohio, specifically Kent/Hudson area. I work in North Canton though, so that area is open too. We are open to different lifestyles, ages, beliefs, whatever, as long as you are serious about jamming and love to play. He's straight edge, I'm not. Whatever. We just want someone cool and who really fits with us. Also, we usually go out to eat after practice, and I often joke that that is the only real reason we do the band thing, for the food. So... yeah... You have to like to eat food and make jokes.

I'm 24 and the drummer is 20. His name is Nick and my name is Dylan.

I don't check my messages super frequently on UG, so call or text me at 330-696-2505, or email me at dylansonderman@gmail.com if you are interested and in the area. thanks!
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