Hello guys !

Its been a while I have not posted here, to be honest I have not been composing for a while, I just have no inspiration. Though I was listening to an old composition of mine, and managed to change some parts in order to make something that I find ok.

Hope you will like it, would love some feedback

The part i changed is the one starting on the 112th bar. To be honest here is what I think of my composition : i love the intro riff, i tried to build a little bit more on it but maybe I could have done better ; the verses and choruses are boring, it really lacks a singer ; "the bridge" is really long but that is how I compose so I am okay with it, I especially love the bass tapping part.
Ok well thanks for listening anyway

Also you can see the influences in the tab's description.
Compo 95.zip
Writing as I listen.

Intro arpeggio thing is good. The flute is nice. Good build up. The riff at 16 is okay, but not really on par with the rest. Seems a bit stale. Thud at the end just doesn't do it. Maybe try placing that on a bit more offbeat timing. Pre-Chorus is nice.

Verse again is good, but not great. The 3/4th measure doesn't serve purpose. If you do that try playing around with the drums to make it add a bit of groove/flow better. Chorus is nice. Pre-verse is cool.

Verse 2 same as verse 1. Still like the chorus. Riff still not strong. Maybe better drums alone could fix it? Post-chorus now. Maybe make that flute a bit more subtle for this part or it's going to sound a bit overused. The heavy Riff thing is cool.

Bridge is nice. Like it. Bridge Epic feels well. Flute part after that is on spot again. Adds something playfull too it. Bridge Calm Riff, breaking thing is nice. This could be very lively with vocals. Nice dynamics throughout the song. At measure 116 now, nice part. This thing just keeps going on, the flow is nice. Bass part at 136 is cool. I like the oen dissonant sounding chord the guitar does. Measure 140 maybe turn down the flute a bit, it's becoming a bit too present again. Measure 152 part is nice, but I think the song could be a bit more cohesive if you didn't go so much all over the place, or maybe had a more general direction of the song (btw at part 159, I think the guitar part is a bit weak. Okay but not great). But the song could like use a bit more direction if you know what I mean? You're moving a lot of places but you are not really moving from a point A to point B. You are mostly changing timbres and styles but not really the feeling or mood of the song. Like instead of moving from point A to point B. Kind of hard to explain.

To give some examples of what I mean here are some songs which are in similar styles to your song that I believe have a nice musical progression:
Nightwish - Romanticide : Kind of has a completely seperate part pre 3:30 and post 3:30. But they still fit together and somehow kind of reference each other to make it one song.

Dream Theater - In the name of god : Starts with a pretty heavy riff that slowly moves towards that awesome wanky mid-part at 8 minute and then moves a bit back to the mood of the start and slowly moves to a grand big outro.

That's just from the top of my head two songs I believe have great direction and might appeal to your taste.

I'm not saying it's bad as is, but what I'm trying to say you could make it even greater if it had some sense of direction. You could also make it a shorter to give it more sense of dynamics/movement.

On the more detailed side of things your guitar parts are a bit bland at times. They are a bit too much just filler. I'm going to guess guitar is not your main instrument. Drums are also not necesairily boring but could be way more interesting.

So in general. Good song. Good sense of melody/harmony. If you want to improve work on the movement within the piece and work on your guitar/drum writing.

Also no C4C since I have nothing recent to crit on.
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I'm actually in a Symphonic Metal band and I write orchestral music professionally, so you might like my opinion here.

I don't think you need the soundscape/synth note at the start, it's obvious you're trying to build an atmosphere, but I think that opening melody could stand alone at the start of the song, maybe on a different instrument. You spent a bit too long building it up, all of those repeats could be taken out. I really like the riff, I wanna get there sooner, but watch out for the low synths, they're directly clashing with the guitars at times, maybe creating a thicker harmony in the higher frequencies. As you're playing 7 Strings, even a Cello can sit higher than that riff, don't be afraid to use the higher frequencies.

The prechorus worked well, I wonder if that could be a verse, however, I feel like with more repeats that'd be great to have a vocalist over. This would make the Chorus into the prechorus, as it definitely feels like one, and the end of the prechorus feels like it's leading into something huge and soaring.

The bridge is rather good, the western guitar solo fits the piece well. Someone's been listening to Ghost Love Score! I think in the bass tapping section, you can afford to take it down a bit, just have that E power chord fade out, it's got a nice atmosphere without any of the other chords, the extra power chords kill it a bit for me. The Bridge Angrier part could (and should, in my opinion) be in half time, to give the piece more of a progression, trust me, with a full orchestra, that bit in half time would be stunning.

You could take out the Bridge BEAT section entirely, actually, it didn't do too much for me, and the next riff had so much more impact when I took it out. Again, those repeat markings, the great thing about symphonic metal is that harmonies than develop, there's more room for dynamics, every time you repeat something, you miss a chance to develop your orchestral section. In the Epic Riff section, keep four bars for each part of the build, but in the first section before the arpeggios return, keep the strings going, doing something different in the last two bars.

I personally would've preferred a soft breakdown, rather than the breakdown in Bridge Breakdown, take the dynamics down so that the riff has an impact when it returns. The outro works very well, just take out the last bar, it doesn't need a dead stop.

I don't have anything in tabs and chords to C4C, but if you're into Symphonic Metal, put a nice comment on my band's music video :P https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCNL1EymllA