I have an annual gig coming up. I've played it before using my Marshall VS265 combo amp, and even my Eleven Rack through a Alto TS110A (600 Watt) monitor, but these setups have not been powerful enough as I've had a hard time hearing myself. So this year I want a louder amp to make sure I'll hear myself playing, and have the oppurtunity to borrow a Peavey Classic 50/410. I've never played this amp before, but is it likely that this amp will be louder than the Marshall and Alto I mentioned above?

Yes but...

All are capable of producing 115db+ which is pretty freaking loud. Proximity is the key so if you can't hear yourself, get the amp close, up off the ground, and pointed at your head instead of your knees. (guitar is very directional and knees don't hear so good). Still can't hear yourself? The band is way too loud and ear protection is a must.

You will like the sound of that Classic 50 410.
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Without a doubt, the Peavey will be much louder and more easily heard through the mix.

I used to have a Marshall VS65R a long time ago (the 1 X 12 version of what you have -- but your extra speaker would only make a marginal difference in overall volume), and I had a very hard time hearing myself over just my drummer, let alone in a full band mix.

They say that 65 watts is 65 watts, but I just can't get on board with that. My 6505+ 112 (when it was still a 112 and not converted to a head and plugged into a 412 cab), being all-tube and 60 watts, would wipe the floor with my old Marshall which supposedly had a slightly higher wattage. The 6505 would drown it out with its volume at a mere 2.5...
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Thanks for the replies!

The setting here is a big band type of gig. I'm usually located right between the drummer and the tubas, and have a pretty hard time hearing myself during song/parts they play really loud, even if the VS265 is aimed directly at me. So this year I'm gonna be using the Peavey, and I'll be using ear protection.
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If you couldn't hear yourself through a 600 watt monitor I don't know what to say...

Maybe it is the earplugs?

I used to Alto monitor last year, and most of the time I could hear myself well. But when the tuba players, which sit next to me, crank it up I can't hear myself, especially when I play jazz rythm kind of stuff. But then again, I don't think I played the Alto at more than like 75% capacity. It's hard adjusting the volume right to hear myself at peak volumes.