As the title may suggest I have decide to write a blog. More than anything just to see if I'm any good at it. I'm a metal guy who likes guitars...so it's a metal guitar blog. It's probably a heavily over saturated market in the blogging world but if I can get one or two people viewing it regularly I will be quite chuffed.

Only posted one piece so far on the subject of who Megadeth's next guitar player might be. If reading your blogs is your thing and it seems like something you might be interested in reading be sure to check it out here:


If anyone has any ideas on what they'd like to see in a blog of this nature be sure to let me know and I will try and facilitate your input. Cheers dudes!
I actually read through it all. It's not something I'm particularly interested in anymore, yet I was compelled to keep going. I think you weighted it and pitched it well. Do a few more to get practise and find what works and what doesn't and you're writing will improve.

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Well I'm glad you're trying with your hands and not your feet

Ah ha ha ha ah ha
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Well I'm glad your trying with your hands and not your feet

Ah ha ha ha ah ha

If there was a plus one button on the forum I would be clicking it right now.
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That was surprisingly good. Keep at it.

Cheers mate
In case you guys are interested, not that you necessarily would be, I've posted another blog on the current state on the music and if we even need record labels anymore.
Cheers mate. It's an enjoyable way to spend my evenings after work and I'm glad people think what I'm writing actually has a bit of quality to it.