I'm looking to sell a guitar for the first time since Daddy's Junky Music (New England music store chain) closed down years ago. I knew the staff at both of my local DJMs and they would frequently give me good deals.

Given the current state of the used guitar market, I was wondering which would be the best way to sell my Gretsch Electromatic 5122 (The double cut model)

- Guitar Center is currently selling them for $500-$550. I'm looking for at least $400 cash. Should I even bother?

- Single cut models are going on Craigslist for around $500. I work 30 hours a week and attend classes full time at a college an hour from where I live. This doesn't leave me much time to pull of a deal with somebody on CL. Is it worth the effort?

- Any chance a pawn shop gives me a decent deal?

- Is Ebay a pain in the ass? How does shipping effect stuff? Will it sell?

Thanks for any responses.
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Don't bother with GC or pawn shops, they'll offer you $300 or less. eBay is fine but you're going to have to ship it, which I don't see as any more convenient than meeting a guy for 10 minutes over a weekend sometime to get cash for your guitar.

Craigslist people are weird but it's usually the best way to go. You can try Reverb.com too but personally I'd rather sell a guitar in person for cash than spend the time to find a box, pack, and ship it and then hope it shows up all in one piece.
If you go Craigslist, just make sure you meet them in a public place and don't let them know where you live.
I'd recommend reverb.com too. They've been pretty sold for me. You can also ask what you want for the guitar and still take offers.
I prefer CL, cash and carry only. Shipping is a hassle and pawn shops will give you $100.
I'd make sure to clean it up nice, take good pics, and clearly define terms of sale. Always ignore weirdos, all lowball offers, and wait for a real buyer with full cash in hand.
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i have purchased a few guitars from guitarsandeffects.com and they were great

or reverb or ebay

or IMO best yet CL every other way you need to ship it.

$400 would be CL. everything above you would ending it out and taking a hit from shipping and fees for consignment or buying your guitar cheap.

pawn shops would probably sa $<$300
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