I like Guitar Rig it is a nice plugin but for what I am wanting to do this just isn't working out. I can come up with a tone that would be a wet dream for the type of guitarist who wants to play grandfather rock. The tone that I want to achieve would be something along the lines of Megadeth's Youthanasia album. Any advice?
Start with a preset that sounds close then tweak it in components section. Make sure you noise gate it properly either with gate control at the top or by adding noise gate component in the end of the chain. If i'm using GR for anything rocky I usually start with 'Gods Love' preset in metal and go from there. Its not the answer you want but it's a starting point.
You don't get any great sounding metal tone in guitar rig 5.
Nor any great distorted sound in general.

Go to the amp sims sticky, read it, and download some free amp sims.
Stuff there sound better distorted than guitar rig.
Also check out the Ignite Amps Emissary which is recent and isn't in the sticky but is good.
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