I have been researching practice amps since I live in an apartment and I narrowed it down to either the blackstar ht-1 or the blackstar ID:30 I thought the ht-1 is the better choice but the 8' speaker makes me cautious. Then a friend mentioned that he would get guitar rig and some studio monitors. What do you think?
I thought i'd warn you, blackstar doesn't get much love here. They pretty much flat-out lie about their "True-Valve." I personally haven't played one or heard one before aside from recordings.

If you want to play around and have fun with a bunch of different tones, effects, etc., I recommend a Line 6 POD XT (Or better model) with a Good Set of Headphones. It's a great "HeadPhone Amp".
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This person has made so many damn threads asking us to pick which gear they should buy. They have been told dozens of times that Blackstar sucks but they insist on making threads about it. Two years later and they still haven't decided.
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i use my computer as my home practice setup, mostly with a pair of wireless headphones, works great. guitar rig is a pricey piece of software though, look for cheaper software such as Ampkit for Mac if it's just for practice. or just get an amp....
Get an unbranded guitar link and use free amp sims.
There's an amp sims sticky in the recording section, read it.

Blackstar HT's sound plain bad, no way around it.
Guitar rig sounds better but still not good for anything anymore than slightly distorted.
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I have been using guitar rig with a rig kontrol for a year or so now. The features are cool, and to me, they are only limited by your imagination. I do like the product, however, when playing out of the monitors (2x krk rokit 6), i notice less than a full sound. When i run the audio through a blues JR, the sound is a much warmer. By mixing the gr and tube amp, i was able to achieve the sound that i wanted.

I do recommend using a good sound card though. I have my audio routed through a NI audio 6 and i use the NI rig kontrol soundcard with guitar rig to preprocess the audio before it reaches the a6. With this approach, i was able to deliver processed audio to jamkazam instead of a electric clean tone. I leave my KRKs for backing tracks from youtube/spotify/etc. Once the levels are proper, it makes for a nice environment.

Feeling the GAS, i needed a solid state amp for practice. I decided on the Line6 amplifi 75. I just received the shipment 2 days ago, but so far i am impressed. I know, it still sounds like a line6 solid state amp. I was able to help the sound by positioning virtual red comp and changing the levels. The Amplifi line will allow you to download custom tones by an android/iphone app and change all levels associated with that tone using your android/iphone. You are also able to stream audio to the amp. I tend to stream backing tracks from youtube (quality issues aside), and it makes for a fun environment. It also has (5) speakers in the cab, 1x 8in Driver and some other speakers for the bluetooth audio. If you are interested in this amp, i would recommend a stop by guitar center to demo the system before use.
have you tried the orange tiny terror or dark terror? They have studio quality tube amps. They are 15W switchable to 7W. then you can get a cab that you like. watch out the micro terror is a solid state though. as they have very similar names.

here is a comparison:
Guitar Rig has its place. Especially if you want to do some DAW stuff or perhaps just jam along to backing tracks. I'd say it's probably a better choice if you don't need to be mobile. I personally use a UX1 with Pod Farm 2 for recording and jamming to backing tracks and it serves its purpose well.

If you want an amp you can use at home or take out and jam with others then personally having previously owned a Blackstar amp I can't see what all the hate is about. I had a Club HT-40 and thought it was a great amp with great tone but unfortunately I had to take mine back as for some reason I was getting intermittent buzzing from the speaker. I tried 2 of the same amp and both had the same problem. I put this down to a problem with my home electrical circuit or living in very close proximity to a military signals installation. Either way I'm sure the amp was not at fault as I've had plenty of other amps before and after with no problems. That said a HT-40 is probably overkill for what you need. I have heard really good things about the HT-5 though.
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have you tried the orange tiny terror or dark terror? They have studio quality tube amps. They are 15W switchable to 7W. then you can get a cab that you like. watch out the micro terror is a solid state though. as they have very similar names.

here is a comparison:

Good call, but 7W is rediculously loud with the Dark Terror. Even for bedroom use!
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Best POD you can afford and Monitors (and/or monitor headphones). At least this way you can reuse the POD for a live rig down the road.

If you're cool always being on your computer check out Peavey Revalver.
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I'd go with a Pod and studio monitors. With the bean model you can always pop it into a gig bag pocket with a set of headphones and practice wherever you can plug in. Far less of a pain in the shorts than always hauling your computer around.
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If you can afford it the Tiny Terror is an awesome all rounder recording and practice amp, I'll probably won't sell mine anytime soon
And it has a volume control, so it doesn't have to be loud unless you want to.

i just posted this a minute ago, but i have the DUAL terror. the fat channel is awsome. tons of gain. i keep it at 15 watts most of the time and id gets nice and quite, don't wake up the wife. the wattage doesn't make much of a different, it takes pedals extremely nicely.

the dark isn't bad either, but the dual is the way to IMO.
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