Also would you have the thumb over the neck or behind the neck?

Its a C major inversion that Richard Fortus plays in the intro to Knocking on Heaven's door (Guns N Roses).

I swear its really tricky for me... I bar the high e and B with the pinky, D and G with the index and the A string with the middle finger, wrap my thumb around the neck and even then I can barely get all the notes to ring out clearly. I have to bend and push really hard on my pinky to get the high E to ring out, this makes it hard to fret the G with the index so I have to push really hard on the index as well and while Im doing that I have to bend the middle finger in an weird way to avoid muting the D string.

I can only play it sitting down but the guy plays it with his thumb behind the neck with the guitar hanging quite low.
That chord at the moment is impossible for me to play without having my thumb round the back of the neck. Definitely no thumb-over-the-top action going on for me.

I can finger it a variety of ways but getting clarity out of the strings is hard due to it being difficult to get fingers onto their tips.

Hard chord that one.
Barre the 5th fret with my index, middle finger on the E, ring finger on the G and pinky on the C.
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