I currently play acoustic gigs and want to step up my sound into what I would consider a more "full" sound. I'm thinking that looping would be a good way to do this, but I am lost when looking at all of them. I want a loop pedal that would be good for both acoustic (most all rhythm) and vocals. The vocals is an important element, almost more important than the guitar, if the guitar was not obviously so essential. So, what single pedal would be best for this? Are there other pedals that you would consider essential to a singer-songwriter style acoustic show? I would like to stay under $300. I know this isn't a lot but it will have to do until I can save up through gigging. I'm just really itching to step up my sound. I feel like someone who is knowledgable on this subject might need more information to help me, but I honestly am not sure of questions to ask or what answers to have ready. Thank you in advance for the help!
The Boss RC20-30XL will work well for you, just make sure you use the proper power supply.
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