I really like royal blood and i'm trying to get the same bassound.
I have a fender Jazz bass and a fender rumble 150W bassamp. But can i use my orange crush CR35LDX for the more higher sound? What pedals do you guys suggest? (i have an crunch box for my guitar)
His rig is expensive, complicated and frankly rather useless for anything but Royal Blood. Here's Mike's pedalboard:

He uses 2 EHX pogs with different mixes (I believe 1 with +1 octave, and the other with 50/50 blend +1 octave), and 2 Boss harmonists for *kinda* making chords, plus some fuzz stuff and a line selector.

Oh and as far as I can tell, the high octave notes/output from one of the pogs goes into a guitar amp instead of a bass amp. All rather complicated.
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As said above it takes a lot of equipment to get the sound from that band. However, you can get close with just a micro pog and a line selector if you really wanted to experiment. There's a really good discussion here if you wanted more info, although the post above sums it up really well. http://basschat.co.uk/topic/223363-royal-blood/
I doubt that the specific pedals he's using are vastly important to the Royal Blood sound than the general principle behind the sound. I've experimented with similar sounds and find that the following is effective:

Band pass the bass signal to isolate the mid frequencies (cutting off under around 120Hz and over around 3KHz seems to work for me). Double the pitch off this signal using some variety of pitch manipulation pedal. Run this signal into a distorted guitar amp.

Run a signal parallel to the first which is simply a "bog-standard" bass sound, into a bass amp. Do with this as you would your ordinary bass sound - it doesn't need too much top end going on though.

The above should give a rough starting point that you can tailor to your tastes.

Royal Blood's bassist seems to favour shorter scale semi-acoustic style basses, and I don't think that this is a coincidence. The warmer high end on these type of basses lends itself well to the pitch manipulation.
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So if i use a micro POG and a line selector, will it get close with my amps? (fender rumble 150 & orange crush 35 LDX) or do i need some sort of other pedal? (i have a crunch box for my guitar)