I use Windows 8.1 and I really wanted to buy the Line 6 POD Studio UX2 to record guitar covers for Youtube videos, but apparently it doesn t support W8.1 so I m looking for an alternative. I'll mostly be just recording progressive metal / metalcore stuff, so I really want something that has good overdrive and distortion. Any recommendations please? I m looking to spend around $100 to $250. Thanks in advance!
Audio interface, not guitar interface.

I'd get an unbranded guitar link + some free amp sims and reaper's free trial, to see how you like the whole thing and to practice without spending much money.

If you wanna go deeper into it you may wanna read the amp sims stick and the recording introduction sticky in the recording section.

If ya ask me anyway, you're better off spending more money in a good amp sim than in an interface - you're playing a guitar to begin with and it really matters little how much quality your signal gets into your computer with, and then with that money you're not gonna get a stunningly sounding interface, so you might as well get for something nice on the interface side and something def good on the amp sims side.
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