I've been looking at a number of the LTD Bass models that are on the lower end of the spectrum (and granted fit more in my budget) I noticed that a number of the models (See F104, 105, 155, Almost all the B-Models) have an odd cut right under the neck join an inch or so below the fret board that is usually a rectangle cut.

I'm guessing that this is part of the neck join and I know that a $200 guitar isn't going to be the world's greatest guitar, but I realize the limitations of my budget (and am looking heavily used). My question is will this cause any quality issues with that odd looking cut out or is it just a normal bolt on neck join cut in a way that we can see it, where it is usually hidden?
It's normal for all ESP/LTD bolt-on basses and it won't affect quality.
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It's just where the neck itself is longer than the fretboard, I had an Ibanez SR that was like that as well. Pretty much it allows the neck bolts to be deeper into the body I'm guessing for improved stability.