I keep seeing a lot of Youtube gear demoers (ProGuitarShop, JustNickMusic, etc) with G&L guitars.

I guess they are good? What about their "tribute" line? Are they just fender clones? Is G&L a darn-good company or not?

I don't know much about them. Tell me (and tell UG, couldn't find any threads).
In brief: they're at least as good as Fenders.

G&L is the company Leo Fender founded after leaving Fender. There, he continued to evolve his designs. The Tribute line is made in Indonesia with largely the same parts as the USA models. They're roughly equivalent to the MiM Fenders in overall quality.

Personally, I prefer them to Fender.
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I've owned 4 or 5 different Tributes. I think they blow MiM Fenders out of the water, pound for pound.
Yea, Leo Fender started G&L with George Fullerton in the early 80's. They are IMO a much better guitar than Fender are. I have a G&L Tribute ASAT and it is a great guitar. Like was said the Tribute line uses most of the same hardware and electronics as the USA made versions.
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Quote by JustRooster
I've owned 4 or 5 different Tributes. I think they blow MiM Fenders out of the water, pound for pound.

I never leave any of my guitars especially MIMs in the water to begin with, not good for them.

G&L makes some really nice guitars just don't expect them to sound or feel just like a fender.
American G&L's have a 10 year warranty on the whole guitar ... yep the whole guitar , neck , tuners , bridge , electronics , ... everything ..... If I'm not mistaken , I believe the Tributes are 3 years on the whole guitar (Justroosten correct me if I'm wrong ) ..... 7 different neck sizes , shapes and radius's on the American guitars ..... it's pretty safe to say that with a 10 year warranty on the whole thing they are a top quality guitar
I've always liked G&L, first one I ever played was in the late 70's, excellent guitar. Missed a chance at a G&L strat in the mid 80's, been kicking myself ever since...
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