I'm learning the song Paranoid by Black Sabbath. It all sounds good, except when I play along with the CD. For some reason it sounds slightly out of tune. I checked many times and my guitar is in perfect tuning.

I'm stumped as to why. I read that producers sometimes played with the speeds on old records, so the tuning would slightly change. I'm not sure if this is the case.

Any ideas?

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Could it be a difference in tones rather than tuning?

I'm playing the song according to a book. I also compared it to top rated tabs on this site and it's the same notes.
I mean Iommi has that legendary tone man. His guitar, his amp, his setup, and the way he plays in general. All of which effect the sound. You could be playing it perfectly right and still not sound exactly like how he plays it.
I guess the best solution is to play around with the tuning a bit so it matches the song.
I don't have the mp3 in front of me, but a lot of the stuff made back then was out of tune and out of time up through... I would say the 90's.

Tangerine by Zeppelin and Friday I'm In Love by The Cure are a few other examples. Back then it was more about being in tune with the rest of your strings and the being in tune with the band (and even that was sometimes a little iffy).
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Yes, lots of old recording techniques messed with the pitch of final product. Also, tons of guitarists and bands tune slightly sharp or slightly flat just to make their sound different. Also, a lot of these old rock bands don't exactly strike me as the type of guys who would be very exacting with their tuning in the first place. Especially back then, in their young, drug-fueled heydays. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if a lot of those old recordings were made after the players just roughly tuned to each other by ear and called it good enough.