Found this project lately, been listening to it a lot. In this song, there is an effect used at 3:07 (the chirping sound) that sounds really cool. As the title suggests, I'd like to know what it is and how to play it. Thanks!
You didn't post anything for us to listen to............................
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You can see pretty clearly how to do it right in the video. It's a quick downward sweep of natural harmonics around the third fret, with tons of gain. Actually very easy to do.
Ah, ok I see it now. I thought the other guitarist was doing it, so I wasn't paying a ton of attention. And I kinda figured that it was a harmonic. Glad it's easy to play cuz it sounds pretty slick.
It is actually an upward sweep, most likely at the 5th fret. Architects do this technique sometimes.
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