Someone gave me a Boss DS1 a few months ago for free for helping them repair a guitar and I'm curious what kind of mods with schematics there are out there to make it more modern and aggressive.

Robert Keeleys "All seeing eye" mod came up a lot and I think this diagram is right. Anyone try it?

Premier guitar stuff seems pretty straight forward as well. But any other ideas for the DS1 I can do? guitar wiring mods I'm bored of. I've done from 50s fender inspired stuff on seymour duncan diagrams to 3 band EQ and all the way to Jimmy page wiring so I figured I'd give this pedal someone gave me for free a shot.

thanks in advance.
This won't make it more aggressive (if anything, a DS-1 is too aggressive, imho) but it does tell you what components do what. I've not done this myself but the guy really knows his shiz. The thread is pretty old and the TS doesn't post anymore.


Hope this helps.
thanks for the link I'll check it out now, yeah i remember the keeley mod someone did side by side and the regular DS1 was very weak sounding compared to it so I figured what the hell. It may be fun to try. The most I've done outside a guitar is swapping an electrolytic capacitor in a marshall "valvestate"
I've done all sorts of things. Guitar rewiring got boring and effects and amps kind of did too, eventually. Having said that, I just built a heaphone amp from old transistor radio parts.