Three instrumental tracks I've recorded this week.

May need some vocals, but I was mainly just experimenting with different sounds and put a little effort in getting that 80s R&B pop sound.

Doesn't matter which one you listen to but I would really appreciate some feedback.
And drop a link so that I can return the favor.
Not really my style but its kool.. Good sound
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Hey dude,

I listened to Champ. I was suddenly brought to GTA: Vice City. I loved it! Just an awesome feeling about it. What did you use for that guitar tone?
Sahara wasn't really my cup of tea, but Helium made me boogie! Ever thought of creating songs for video games?

Anyway, if you like, and have the time, please give me some feedback on my thread: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1663827; Thanks
Coooooool. Listening to "Champ" and I cannot keep still, it's got me movin' and groovin'.
Beautifully balanced funk as it should be. Crisp pert drums right on the beat, a big fat bouncy generous bass, slick flicks of jazzy guitar chords, catchy synth tunes, and even happy handclaps all contribute together, all working as a well tuned team to create this perky piece.
"Sahara" darkens the proceedings a bit, seems more serious and reflective, but keeps to the same quality ingredients. Excellently mixed, with a even uncluttered palate of tones, it moves through some clever changes and nice modulations. A strong musicianship is amply demonstrated.
"Helium", as the name suggest, takes the pitch, both musical and emotional, up into the high range. All is smooth, even the choppy guitars shift and slide. An unforced precision and rippling rhythm deftly drives these squeaky clean pieces, full of intelligence, optimism, and vivacity.
Ah, those songs take me back to when I was pushing nose candy to crooked cops on the streets of New York City. I really like Helium a lot. The song really comes to life at 1:00, when the guitar comes back with more layers and stuff, followed by that little bass breakdown. Champ is great too, but not as big sounding as Helium.

I write instrumental metal. Care to check out my latest song Hangman For Hire? Thanks.