Hey guys I have a problem (I'm new to Floyd Rose system)
I've recently purchased a new Dean Custom Run 11 (http://www.deanguitars.com/query?upc=819998179816) with floating bridge and tremolo bar and I had hell of a time to tune it in past two weeks. When I tune one string with tuners, the other ones detune themselfs. As I manage to do this somehow by locking them after tuning two strings (tune E and A - lock, D and G - lock etc..), final step would be perfectionalize the tuning with fine tuners. But same thing there, when I tune one string, all others detune (now when the strings are locked).. I found this tutorial on it where you tune strings in this order - Low E, High E, H, A, G, D and repeat this all over 'till its in tune (which took me a ****ing hour) and although I managed to get very close to perfect tuning, still some of the strings were few cents off.
What am I doing wrong ?
If you bought it new and your positive the strings are properly stretched, take the guitar back to the store and have them set it up. They should not charge anything for this service, if they do return it and walk away
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Is it going going out of tune over time..? Say if you leave it overnight for example..? If the floating bridge appears to be level you may need to still make SMALL adjustments to the springs, even as little as an eighth or sixteenth of a turn. If it's going flat you'll need to tighten the springs and if it's going sharp you'll need to loosen them.

And as others have said, make sure you stretch the strings properly.