I'm a complete beginner at guitar playing and I'd like to buy myself an acoustic (electro acoustic) guitar. I've observed and looked for reviews of both models Sonoran SCE and APX500II but I'm having a hard time deciding which one to pick.
I know Fender's always been better at electric guitars and they really don't make the best acoustic guitars, but I've heard really great things about Sonoran. Besides, it's retro looks and that headstock are just badass.
On the other side there's Yamaha, which is one of the best in the lower-price range. It's a bit more expensive than Sonoran, but it's not a problem.

Now I'd like to ask you for advice since on my own I can't tell which one is better for a beginner and better overall. Honestly, if there's not much of a difference I'd rather take Sonoran, but if Yamaha is much better, than I'll go for it Anyway, thank you in andvance!
Before we start, I'd like to know where you get the idea that the Yamaha APX 500 II is more expensive than the Sonoran? Plus they're 2 different annie-mules. The Sonoran being a solid full depth dreadnought, while the Yamaha is a slim bodied performance oriented piece. (In other words, "a plug me in").
In fact, that particular Yamaha is a laminated top, while the Fender in question is a solid top instrument. (solid is better).

The Sonoran has a lot of "kitsch" and nostalgia factor going for it, but it really isn't the best bang for the buck out there. I have one, I like it, it sounds good, but I also have a few issues with it. I recently bought an Epiphone EJ-200SCE-(left hand), which to me seems to be a better bang for the buck, as well as having better hardware, and nicer appointments. (Bound headstock and neck, Grover (licensed) ?) tuners).

It is an enormous guitar though, and may not be for everybody.

In the Yamaha AE full depth dreadnought range, you should be looking at the FGX-700SC, (about $300.00 USD), or anything higher in the "FG" prefix range,. They're all solid tops.

Also, you could look at Fender "CD" series. I think the CD-100 and/or CD 140 are both solid tops, while being cheaper that the Sonoran. They're pretty much the same body, but with mahogany necks and 3 + 3 tuning schemes.

Epiphone also has several Gibson knock offs in their $300.00 price bracket. The "Hummingbird" and the "Dove" as well as a newly released "Pro Ultra" model based on those same body styles. (It hasn't hit the street yet though).

Also Cort and Recording King have nice offerings you might consider.
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IMO the yamaha is not better. i don't care for either of your two choices particularly, but i'd prefer the sonoran to the APX. and i definitely second Captaincranky's recommendations.
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