My band as released our first song and we're both very pleased! We'll be doing an album/EP sometime soon, as well.

Hope you enjoy!

@DiminishedFifth: Long time no talk bro! I really like the playing in this, the Fusion sounding leads are really nice and you have just the right progressions underneath to make everything come together. I don't know whether I feel you should add vocals or not. I rarely like Djent/Post-Hardcore vocals. Converge is the only one that immediately comes to mind that I like (and that wouldn't suit this). I would probably keep it instrumental if it were me but it's your call.

To be more specific, you start with an amazingly catchy opening. I could remember that for days. I love the fancy playing at the end of the phrase (starts at 0:14). You also vary the percussion on your way through (I expect no less from a master composer such as yourself). I think you could have had a nice synth break before the sliding leads come in at about 2:26. Just some nice ambient synths + a (quiet) square lead to recapitulate a previous theme. Your SD skills are quite good too, would be nice to have a little more distance between the guitars and kit, it seems slightly cluttered at times (the mix, not the piece itself).

On a slightly more critical note, I'm not a fan of the rhythm tone. It seems to washy/grainy to me and thus needs more meat (IMO).

C4C? Would be really appreciative to have a top-notch composer such as yourself to give me some feedback.
Great song, but it could be a little longer. I felt like it was an overture to something bigger. Maybe it'll sound bigger as part of your EP. The sound quality was amazing. The best part is that it was constantly changing and moving, but without sounding too "out there" and unlistenable. Sometimes, prog music gets too complex to the point where it's not even fun anymore.

I write instrumental metal too. I don't have a band yet, because I'm working on my material first. If you can, please check out my latest song, Hangman For Hire, and tell me what you think (in my thread, or on Soundcloud.)