Lately, I've had the itch to acquire a semi-hollow guitar. There are currently two available in my area (Craigslist), one is an Epiphone 339 Pro, and the other is a Peavey JF-1EX. They are the same price, they both have a push/pull knobs for coil-splitting, they're both in great shape--they're very similar. In the past, I have played some Peaveys that were really great guitars, and I have played some Epiphones that were, well, not so great. Do any of you have experience with either of these guitars? Thoughts?
What is your budget?
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Well, I have an Epiphone Dot which is very similar to the 339 (the Dot is modeled after the 335). Honestly, I don't like the way it plays all that much, especially higher up on the neck (I set it up myself, which might be the problem, however). The plastic nut is a serious tuning issue, as well. If it stays in my room where the temperature is constant, I don't have too many issues. But as soon as I take it to a gig where it's subjected to all kinds of temperature changes, the tuning has a mind of its own. (Been meaning to replace the nut, just haven't gotten to it) As far as sound, I think it's alright. It sounds like a semi-hollowbody. The pickups are a little muddy, even if I try to compensate with EQ changes. I mainly use this guitar for slide because the action is slightly high and I run it through a cranked Fender Blues Jr.

TL;DR: I got mine used in good shape for $250. If you can get one for a good price used, go for it. They're fun to have around.
Thanks for the opinions, guys. I don't really have a budget, per se, but both sellers are asking $250. As you probably know, asking prices are usually pretty flexible on Craigslist. I was just curious whether or not anyone had any experiences or opinions on either of them.
I have a 339 but it's not the epi version. Love it. Sounds great and the body is closer to thesize of a les paul than a dot or 335 which makes it more comfortable, in my opinion. The epiphone version, I believe has coil taps so theoretically you should be able to wring more tones out of it. I don't have any personal experience with the JF1.
I can't comment on the Peavey but the Epi 339 is a beatiful guitar to look at with a great sound.