Inspired by Pink Floyd's Endless River release, I composed this piece (which has some Satriani and Vai influences as well). The song Astral Voyageur and its video can be found as the top song/video at:


Video selections are under the song selections in case you prefer seeing the video.
logicbdj: Hey mate, this is quite a nice track you have here. The mix is really good (I think the crash is a bit loud though). The lead tone is very good and the percussion playing is reserved yet tasteful (especially the fills). It would be nice if you had a little more structure though. At this point it's just a very long solo (if there are some themes, I didn't notice them). It would be nice to hear some identifiable themes (variations of these as well) and some occasional harmonising for decoration. It's still a nice piece though.

Anyway, I would really appreciate it if you would review Desolate Utopia.
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