I'm learning Needled 24/7 by COB and i cant get anywhere with the intro solo for the past few weeks now. Anyone willing to check out a video of me playing it and checking what i may be doing wrong?
But that's awfully complicated I'm not too keen on sharing my contact info with random people online and downloading random files. Are you sure you can't up it into youtube?
You need to work on your synchronization. Your left and right hands are disconnected. Slow way down with the metronome and practice getting each and every note *perfect*. When it's perfect, it'll not only sound right but it'll *feel* right also.
Sorry for taking so long, I had to sleep

I agree with Ryan, you need to slow down and get everything in sync. Your tone is also pretty bad in that clip, try switching to the neck pickup to get a smoother tone. I'd go as far as to say that a bad tone is a huge factor in feeling the solo work, since even if you play everything perfectly it's going to sound painful with a bad setup.

Try to make sure that you play everything with a consistent attack. The most important thing that you can practice technically is your rhythm and timing. Play it slowly with a metronome, and try to get every note to sound equal and well timed, this alone should make your playing sound a lot more professional.

EDIT: By the way, did you learn the song by tab? If you did, try listening to the solo. And by this I mean that pick up your guitar, sit down and listen to it closely, then try to play what you hear. This is a pretty great way to get a gist of how to truly play something.
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You're playing faster than you're able to.

You need to slow right down and work on getting those notes to ring clearly and accurately.

I'd forget about COB (presuming it's Children of Bodom) for now and work on your technique. Take it from someone who was frustrated for years - you can't play through bad technique. You're gonna have to slow down and nail it before going faster my man.

Also make sure to practice on the clean setting to work on note clarity and dirty setting to work on muting unwanted string noise.