I use Ibanez V7/V8 guitar pickups, is it easy it ruin anything by attempting to switch out the magnets?

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All you have to do is remove the 4 baseplate screws. Nothing to it, really. You don't even have to unsolder the pickups if the cables are long enough.

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my friend did a video swapping magnets on pickups on youtube it's pretty easy. Pretty much he heated up the pickup just enough for the wax to liquify and pulled the old magnet out and put a new one in.

alnico 8 is the most aggressive
alnico 5 i find balanced
alnico 2 is really nice
ceramic is on par with alnico 8
its much less tedious to just get a new pickup or effect pedal though

however.. one big tip is to use a compass and make sure that the pickup is in the right polarity otherwise the middle position if it's just a V7/V8 pickup will be out of phase in the middle position.