Hello, everyone. I was hoping I could get some guidance and/or help with a problem I have.

I have an old Ibanez RG model (sorry, I don't know the exact model number) with an Ibanez Edge tremolo.

I recently purchased a Floyd Rose 32mm brass block from Amazon to upgrade (http://www.amazon.com/Floyd-Rose-Brass-Tremolo-Block/dp/B00979RZIU/ref=cm_cd_al_qh_dp_t).

However while installing it, the factory block screws are too small for the FR brass block. I went to Home Depot and found screws fitting the FR brass block BUT those larger screws are too big to fit through the Edge bridge.

So, the question I have is - Am I screwed (no pun intended) or is there a 32mm brass block with machined holes that will match the Edge bridge screws?

Thank you in advance for you time and advice!
^ Yeah. I've never tried switching a block but if they make trem-specific blocks there's probably a reason for that.
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