I have an MXR Phase 100, that sometimes would work for a few months, and then wold stop working for another few months. I have a power supply that powers all my pedals with one cable (kind of like the visual sound one spot or whatever), whenever i would plug in the Phase 100 when it wasn't working, the rest of the effects also would stop working, like the Phase 100 would short the circuit out or something, because when i would unplug it from the power supply, the rest of the effects would work just fine.
Is this an easy fix? Can I fix it on my own? Have any of you had the same problem?

Now the second problem with this pedal is this (the weird one):
The left knob (the four way switch) seems to have turned upside-down, and instead of being a 4way switch, turned into a 7way switch... and I could swear I didn't replace it, or done anything with it.

The foot-switch (bypass) was replaced once in the past, if that helps in any way.
your phaser isn't true bypass so no power no sound. it must have a power issue in the pedal perhaps a short.
^ according to the dunlop site it's half-assed bypass? it should still work without power in bypass mode. but it does sound like there's something seriously wrong, as you said.
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the signal passes through in bypass mode, working or not, powered or not.
The first thing I'd do is replace the power jack. It sounds like the switch in it is busted and shorting out. That would account for the intermittent nature of it.
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