So, I just recently obtained this Suzuki F130 which has an aftermarket preamp+ Jack (PA+ amp) system installws. Looks like the kit costs about $16 on Amazon. It was running a piezo pickup (which was under the soundhole, who knows why). I had to rout the bridge to fit it correctly, so that was annoying. The part I'm concerned with, is that the guitar itself transmits very clear radio. Everything is grounded (I've touched the metal parts, no difference), covered the jack and preamp with aluminum foil, and turned down unit volume (which helped a little). What is receiving the radio? Do I need a new piezo? Do I need a new preamp? It doesn't seem like anything is damaged, but who knows really.
Don't quote me but cheaper electronics usually pick up radio stations more frequently...my silvertone starter pack picked up a Japanese radio station in country boy east texas back in the day ....it happens every now and then on good/decent equipment too. It's almost always a random occurence. Maybe happened 2 or 3 times the 10 years i've been playing. If you continue having the problem I'm thinking maaaaybe a new piezo would do the trick or if worse come to worse maybe a new guitar before the Suzuki becomes a money pit.