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I once ran a blog for my local music scene in Lake Charles, LA, but I've since moved across the country and have passed the site on. Now I'm at a point where I really want to get into promoting unsigned and indie musicians again, but I'm thinking about doing this in the form of a podcast and expanding from local to national bands. But, before I do anything, I'd really like to get some feedback from musicians.

Here's my general thoughts. I think that podcasts are a great alternative for radio. Considering that it would mostly be a promotional tool for musicians, my expectation is that the audience would generally also be musicians. My idea at this point is for bands to submit songs and information about themselves; I'll play the music and relay that information, (websites, tour info, history, etc.,). My hope is that I can not only give musicians some exposure, but to relay where bands are going to be playing and help form connections between bands that are looking to trade gigs. Admittedly it sounds a bit dry in theory, but I have experience in radio and entertainment, so my hope is to really offer an entertaining and informative experience.

Now, I've done a little searching around for something similar, but I haven't quite found it. So, my first question is: What music podcasts are already out there? Is anyone else already doing this, or is something similar being done that I can hear and learn from? What do you like or dislike about other music podcasts?

My second question is: Does this seem like something that musicians would be interested in listening to and submitting to? After my last band finished our album, I was desperately looking for places to promote it, and I feel like if I had known of something like what I'm envisioning, I would definitely have submitted our songs.

Lastly, do you have any thoughts on this? Sounds like a great idea? Sound absolutely terrible? Any thoughts on what you would or would not like to hear? Thoughts on format?

Thanks for any feedback in advance.
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I think Podcasting is a great format for just near about anything. I can't name any that focus around music, so maybe its a potential untapped market.

As with networking, you have to develop an audience, otherwise you're likely never gonna attract many guests.

Another thing to note with podcasting is personalities are what make or break it. You probably know since you're experienced in this kind of thing. Another thing is, compared to short radio/tv interviews, podcasting has the special magic of making people say things they maybe wouldn't say on another format. This for me is part of the attraction, people open up, have more time to express themselves and chill out for once. This can also be something that can attract and detract guests because some people are intimidated by the idea of saying something that might come back to bite them.

Either way it would be really cool to have a big podcast that was focused on music. I know Joe Rogan has had Dave Lee Roth, Scroobius Pip, Paul Stanley, Joe Perry etc.
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I listen to Podcasts from Radio Etiópia and Radio In Opposition

Radio Etiópia is more just a selection of playlists. Radio In Opposition has talk between tracks. I will admit that, although I want to hear people's opinions, these guys do seem to have a, "Well if it is mainstream it is automatically crap" mentality which I find to be quite an immature way of looking at things.