Though no one has commented I will continue to update this as I'm learning tons right now and would like to pass this knowledge on, I'd still like advice or commentary if anyone feels so inclined.

Hey guys my girlfriend just bought me a project for christmas: a Thomas Californian 251. There are only a few issues: 1: I don't know how to get the foot pedals to work (or they need repair) and 2: all of the E keys and the B keys in both the solo and accompany keyboard only make pronounced thuds when I press them with the volume pedal up.

Has anybody worked on vintage keyboards or organs here? I bought this as a project so I will figure out how to repair these problems, just want to see if anyone has somewhere to start for me.

Edit 1: I fixed the foot pedals after my first preliminary check while I was taking a break from writing my term paper. The problem was that one of the springs which directs current through the pedal switches had been somehow moved to short out the signal so that only the first 3 pedals could get signal to them. I re-bent this spring back into position and got my full range of bass pedals (aside from the E's and B's)

I've narrowed the problem with E's and B's to be an issue with the tone generator. Since this is a solid state instrument I'm going to be tooling my way into the tone generators to see if there is, as I predict, a similar short occurring with the E and B generators. I will return with results sometime.
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I'd love to help but organs aren't my specialty

However I can point out that yes, the E's and B's are almost certainly (in my limited experience) a problem with the tone generators.

good luck with it all, I'm going to keep reading this and trying to learn from it.
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