Hey, I'm new to Floyd Rose and I've got a few questions that I've had to ask one at a time. So, does anyone have a "rule of thumb" on how tight the saddles should be when I restring? I don't want it too loose the string's going to fly out, and I don't want it so tight it's going to break something. I want to ask around before I screw with it. Thanks.
Nothing is gonna break, screw it in all the way. You can try pulling the string with your hand while screwing to make sure it's locked tight. You know, before you start winding the strings on the tuners.
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You want it tight enough to hold the string, but don't crank 'em down too tight. The insert blocks are not indestructible, and they can crack over time. This is one of those things that you'll get a feel for the more you do it.
screws can break on string retainers (things inside the saddle to hold each string). I've seen it a few times on used guitars on craigslist. Especially those cheap guitars with licensed floyd rose and so forth.

Tighten the screws on the saddles to hold the string in as much as you can with the long end of the allen key and finish with like a quarter turn on the short end.

the locking nut just just use the long end
the screws to do intonation (not fine tuning) the short end to avoid rattling