Hello i am going to buy a new amp and i want some good for good price i was looking for marshall sc but i need to know if it iss really worth or give me some ideas i need some amp which can play guns and roses black sabbath ac dc and so on thank you guys guitar zak wylde signature
Define "good price". We need a solid budget range. And your location.
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Amps and the like:
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1. Use punctuation and sentences
2. Post in the right place
3. Don't offer bribes.
4. Give us some information:
Budget? - What is practical for you and what is your limit?
Genres? - What style do you play mostly, fav guitarists, do you need cleans, etc?
New or Used? - Lots of great amps out there used, especially in a down economy.
Home or Gig? - Also important. Maybe you do both. Jamming with a drummer can be considered 'gigging' but you won't have a PA etc.
Closest City? - We aren't here to stalk you but we need to know where you are in the world roughly and we can help further if we know what city you are in (ie craigslist, local shops, Guitar Center used section, etc)
Current Gear? -

Try making a better thread in Guitar Gear and Accessories. This thread isn't going to get you any help. Plus there's no such thing as "Marshall SC" so please explain better what you're looking at.