What are the gurus' thoughts on our production (and the song as a whole if you like)? We are getting ready to move to our next album phase and are hoping to increase the level of production. So what bugs you? What do you like?

Thanks! I'm happy to take a listen to your music and give feedback as a form of recompense. Cheers!
First things first: I'm buying Of Death And Vengeance. It really has a great classic Swedish sound, and it belongs in my library.

About Gravity: I think the snare needs to be a little louder, or tighter, or something, but it seems kinda lost in the mix. Listen to the snare on Dark Tranquility's Fiction album. I think that's a great sound. Not too loud and reverby, but it stands out.

I feel like the guitars should be pushed a little closer to the center (or double tracked with the 2nd pair of tracks being a little more centered). They're panned a little too far, and my ears aren't really making them "gel" together. They just sound like two people playing at opposite ends of a room. Other than that, it's a solid song.

I write and record instrumental metal. I don't have a band yet, but I've been putting my stuff online. I consider these demos, so the mix isn't perfect, but I try. Check it out, and let me know what you think. Hangman For Hire