Hey all,

I'm looking to power some analog fx in a rackmount drawer for midi floor switching rig, so I'll need some power to go along with that and looking at bang for the buck this looks pretty good:

Anyone have any experiences with it?

Most of the pedals are straightforward and even work ok when split from a cheaper power supply (I have one right now that allows daisy chaining). So I am not sure if I need to go for the dedicated PS, but might as well keep it as pro as possible.

The effects will probably be:
OD (not sure which...Guvnor, Sparkle Drive, Tech21 TRI-OD, DOD YJM 308 or Budda or maybe more than one)
Phaser (Smallstone)

in the fx loop:
Chorus (Voodoolabs)
DD3 (Boss)
analog echo (Modtone)
eq (DOD, maybe?)

Anyway - the particular chain wouldn't matter since I'd be able to program which goes where.

The only thing that seems to be weird so far is the DD3 which starts adding noise and dirt in the signal when used when chained with the other fx and not on its own PS.

What you think - would this Decibel 11 unit be enough or I need bigger one? So far I've chained only about 4-5 of these pedals for smaller gigs and my pedalboard always seemed to be changing...
7 pedals? peice of cake. it should work fine. i rock a walrus audio Aetos. its nice as well and it has a built in AC outlet. for expansion, i run a 5 connector chain out of one of the isolated 250mA outlets. i run as much as i can out of the regular 100mA on individual connectors as a need. generally all gain or noisey type pedals will get thier own feed. seems to work for me.
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