Hi all, I was hoping to pick your brains on building a guitar out of used parts. Basically I got my hands on a Maverick F1 body with a cut out for a Floyd Rose tremolo to be fitted. Now from what I can find on the net, and a post on this very forum, the scale length for this guitar is meant to be 25", however, firstly it would appear to be very hard to source a Maverick neck to fit on this body so I was looking at an Ibanez neck, the second issue being that they appear to only make one model with a 25" scale length (the ARZ) so I was wondering if it is possible to fit a 25.5" scale length neck on to the body instead? In my head, this should not be a problem because the fret spacings would compensate for the extra 0.5" between the nut and the bridge. So am I right in thinking that this would work or am I going to cause myself problems by attempting this?

Thanks in advance for any responses and information that you can provide on this.

Cheers G.
It will not work. The 12th fret in a 25" neck is positioned right between the nut and the bridge, so on a 25" neck, its set 12.5" away from the nut and the bridge. On a 25.5" neck, its set 12.75" from the nut, but if the body is not the same scale, it will not be 12.75" from the bridge. The only way you can make this work is to somehow reposition the bridge backwards, so that its the same distance from the 12th fret as the nut. And that will be really hard to do and will involve a lot of woodworking.
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Most likely no you can not, the saddles don't have that much adjustment to get the intonantion correct.

You might be able to find a PRS SE EG (which is a 25" Bolton) but it would be best to just leave the PRS as is.
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Thanks for the quick replys, I would not be looking for a complete guitar to take the neck off, more for a good neck that's been pulled from a bad guitar body or the like. What if I were to bolt the neck on to the body .25" further away from the Bridge to make the correction rather than to attempt to move the bridge .25" further from the nut? From the sounds of it, I am just going to have to wait it out until I can get my hands on a 25" scale neck.

Cheers G.
You can do that, but again, that would involve a bunch of woodworking. I guess you can just redrill the holes and bolt it on, but i have no idea how stable it would be. Someone with actual experience in guitar building would have to comment here.
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Someone, I believe in this thead, built an SG out of a body and a random neck. Then came on here and asked why his 12th fret sounded off. He'd put a 25.5" neck on a body designed for a 24.75" scale. Did a great job on the guitar; nice paint and good pickups and all. But was unclear on the concept where "scale" is concerned.

I had another friend who did something similar, except that he took the 25.5" neck and chopped body and neck enough that when he measured the overall distance from bridge to nut, it was nearly exactly 24.75". His fail was that he forgot that the individual frets are spaced based on the scale, and simply chopping wood so that the neck fit on the guitar didn't change the fret spacing, one to another.

This is a good spot to suggest that you stop, take the time to learn what it is you don't know, and THEN proceed. Not all bolt-on necks fit on all bolt-on guitars.
The neck and fret spacings define your scale. Move the bridge as needed to conform to this scale. It doesn't work the other way around.
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try moving the neck away from the bridge and see what the gap at the neck pocket is like and how much wood would be left in contact with the neck pocket.....worth giving a go because you won't be cutting anything so no "damage" is done to either neck or body
I just measured my MAverick F-1 and its a 25.5" scale, not a 25"

Also, as much as it is hard to source, Maverick necks are really nice. If you can mind the "Matrix" one it looks superb and plays surprisingly well.

The other thing to watch out for is that Ibanez necks are wider than Mavvericks so I'm not sure if it would fit the pocket.
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Thats great help guys I really appreciate it. I found a Maverick F1 on ebay the other day and emailed the seler to cheekily find out the scale length of it, I explained to him how to measure it. The following day he replied that it was 25.5 inches. However after looking at his guitar and then working out how much I would end up spending to build somthing to incorperate my maverick body with a good quality neck, perifferals, electronics, pups and labour I realised that I would just be better off in the long run buying his guitar. So that's what I did. I've stuck my Maverick F1 Body back on eBay where I aquired it from 3 months ago in the hope that I can get back what I paid for it. Any way I attached a pic of my new aquisition. Thanks again for the help folks

Cheers G.

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There is no easy bolt-on option without some kind of special conversion neck, I don't know if they even make a 25" scale to other scale conversion neck, at least, none of the neck makers I know of do that. That's the easy and economical answer.

The only way to change the scale length is to find, or modify, a neck to make up for the difference. This works well in converting a 25.5" Scale guitar to 24.75 by notching the end of a headstock accessable truss rod neck. So you can go smaller with a modified neck, but going larger, you would have to extend the neck, and maybe the fretboard, and that could lead to some neck curvature issues because the truss rod might not be going far enough to take care of that last little bit of wood it needs for a proper neck bow. That's the long answer.

I did the 2nd thing to a Harmony H-804 back in high school, it worked great, I think I still have that body and neck somewhere at my mom's house, if it's still around the next time I'm down south I'll probably pick it up to rebuild it into the cool psudeo SG it once was.
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