Gifts For Guitarists
So as we all know it's that gift-giving time of year again. Christmas is right around the corner, and I thought as an interesting post starter and a service to those who do and don't play guitar, I would ask the forms what guitar or music related gifts they've had success giving or enjoyed being given in the past. While gear is great, I'm mostly thinking outside the box of new guitars, amps or pedals. Not only do I, or most people, not have the budget for such an endeavor, but the smartest move is to let the musician pick out which instrument they want to purchase anyway. And while Guitar Center gift cards are great I'm also thinking more in term of material gifts that would look a bit better under the Christmas tree, although when in doubt go with gift cars. So let's hear it!
A good heavy-duty, wide, reliable strap on is a good one (I couldn't resist posting this immature joke)
An assload of instrument leads isn't a bad one.
Plectrums if they use them (careful as they might have preferences)
A new set of strings (yet again, preferences)

I can't think of anymore right now
A poem.
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