Hi all,

I'd appreciate any feedback on this new song I put together. I was getting used to Hydrogen so the drumming is pretty remedial, and it ends abruptly, but any additional thoughts would be appreciated. I'm also happy to c4c, so feel free to leave a link. I'll get over to you asap. Thanks!

It's a pretty cool track. The riff at about 1:07 sounds like a Lamb Of God type riff. The drums sound kinda lo-fi, but not bad. I also checked out a few other songs on that album. Horus is a great song. The only thing I'd change is the drum beat, but not just because it's too simple. The thing is (in my opinion), you can get away with a simple repetitive riff, or a simple drum beat, but not both at the same time. When the distortion kicks in, try using the drums to make the simple riff pop out. Otherwise, it's a decent song. The album in general has some pretty interesting moments.

I write and record instrumental metal as well. I don't have a band yet, but I've been putting my stuff online. I consider these demos, so the mix isn't perfect, but I try. Check it out, and let me know what you think in my thread or Soundcloud page. Hangman For Hire