I wanted to make a bass tab for Here Comes The Sun, but the two that are up were removed. Even though they're submitted as Beatles, it's still a George Harrison song, so if I tried to make one for The Beatles, would it also be removed or not even go up at all?
The versions that were removed can always be found at other sites mainly because when a tab is put on this site another guitar tab website will also claim it and post it as well... They can always be found with a google search.... Before I ever do a guitar tab I always look to make sure that there is no version of it anywhere out there as unless there is a major difference between them then it is no use doing what has already been done.... And if there is a slight difference then it is best to just make a comment or correction to the existing tab...

Here is one that I found:

Hope this helps
That's the one, it's not formatted very well, can't find the other that was removed on any other site.

I could make one a lot better.
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Then what I would do if I were you is make the tab and then submit it under someone who covered it and then state at the very top that "this is the exact way the BEATLES did it" ...
I noticed that there are other versions that were covers and those aren't removed... So to me this is the only way to get it on UG....

There is another site GUITAR TAB EXPLORER where I will post a tab of a song if it is here and I feel mine is better or has been removed like this one was...they will accept it and post it there... And that way at least the tab you did is on the Internet for others to use...

Like I stated it is stupid for the publisher or whoever has them removed from UG but the tab still remains on other sites... I believe it is because UG is the biggest and the best... So they mess with this site but not the others...or the others are in countries they can't do anything about..

So try these suggestions ..and let me know what you think about them....ok

Try posting it under GEORGE HARRISON ..that may work...

Seems that this is the only Beatles bass tab that has been removed..and what I don't understand is that the guitar tabs and chords for this song have not been removed...only the BASS tab...
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Alright I'll try submitting as George Harrison and keep it saved in notepad in case something goes wrong on UG. Thanks.
Let me know when you are done so I can approve it and we can see right away if it shows up
Without being removed like the others were ok...