The idea was the most versatile strat ever. I figure this is a more modern wiring that strat players should try. It's tedious to do but it's the culmination of a 7 way mod David Gilmour has on his black strat with a 2 band EQ.

So first the guitar. Lake placid blue with a silver pearl pickguard. I think it's ugly and this was the only pickguard I had kicking around that suited it besides over used white pearl. Flipped it on craigslist effortlessly and I'm glad it's gone.
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controls - im explaining this pretty basic, scroll down a bit for more
one master volume
one classic tone knob - cuts treble - the push pull up activates the 7 way mod
one fender greasebucket mod - boosts bass

the wiring schematic
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new parts you need?

ebay or an electronics surplus place.
0.1uf tone capacitor - green mylar like 1960s fenders (the cheapest ones on ebay)
0.022uf tone capacitor - any kind you feel like - malory paper in oil?
4.7k resistor 1/4 watt 5% tolerance
a push pull potentiometer - Linear (B) is important but resistance is subjective
you can put two 0.047 capacitors in parallel if you want for roughly 0.1uf

technical stuff
...yes ... you'll have to solder. Lots of guys give great tips about it on here. Tin everything, lead solder I recommend and focus one wire at a time. Solder the unshielded wires flat to the solder. Not like antennas. A cheap soldering iron kit from the source or whatever works great.

*the pickups can be noise cancelling or classic 2 wire pickups the magic is in the wiring. Any brand. Whether they were potted on the winter solstice or pickups off a garage sale guitar.

what this does in more dept
this is a 2 band EQ wiring. So sort of like the TBX that fender has (google it) I decided to make both independent tone knobs which was based on what joe gore (tonefiend on youtube) did on his 2 band EQ guitar. Personally I like the fender greasebucket more on really high output pickups with lots of treble like Dimarzio X2N or Seymour Duncan JB pickups to anything so hot they are muddy. This is an excellent mod for metal players in particular. It boosts bass, tightens the lows, adds clarity (does NOT get rid of 60 cycle hum). This mod doesn't work well on active pickups. I actually drilled some holes in a plastic container to test this mod on guitars like a really cheap DIY effect and my EMG 81 or seymour duncan blackout pickups there is no difference with it. Guitars with it. Fender highway one, american specials and certain basses.

This also features a 7 way mod. It turns a neck or bridge pickup (whatever you wire it to) to give you two extra positions for your selector. When you pull ti up it engages the guitar to play say the neck/bridge or all 3 pickups. Interesting face some of these positions get rid of 60 cycle hum. To get no hum at all have the 9 way mod. It's not the same as all isolated pickups for the tone and gets a little complicated. So on this particular mod the tone knob is still 10 at 10. 0 is still 0 regardless if the tone knob is pulled up at any time. You're just activating a pickup. The 9 way mod would put the bridge or neck out of phase if anyone is wondering.

and why I went with this and that
the greasebucket is the way it is. Try other caps and see what works better if you want. The resistor I'm not 100% sure what other resistors would do. Premier guitar did an excellent description of what this does and another forum explained it in more detail. Luckily resistors are cheap from Thailand. 1$ american with free shipping.

so why a 0.1uf capacitor for the tone knob- a stronger cut of treble - this ones optional. It's a nod to the 60s and it's a stronger cut. If you do go with a 0.1uf capacitor I'd suggest a B500k tone knobs so you get more tones rolling 10-0. But B250k is fine.

the only way I'd recommend a 500k volume pot is if your guitar isn't bright enough (1000k exists too). I use all linear pots so I get a better 10-1, like a kinman treble bleed mod. Stewmac did an excellent video where this guy played a guitar with it and you maintain your tone better 10-1 so when you need a little more warmth the guitar becomes predictable because the volume pot decreases the resistance (hence the darker tone) in more equal increments.

so in a nutshell for guitar electronics what I learned the last 10 years.
the larger the capacitor the more treble or bass on this it holds (1uf is the biggest)
the larger the resistance on a tone potentiometer = the less sensitive it is
voltage doesn't matter in a tone capacitor
material is subjective for fine tuning our tone
size is really debatable whether it does more or not

the larger the resistance on a volume potentiometer is the brighter the guitar is
passive single coils with 500k for example = brighter
passive humbuckers with 100k for example = darker
interesting fact the guitar gets darker just by turning the knob down
with actives this rule doesn't apply
25k is usually the lowest for guitars - 2m (2000k) is the brightest i've seen made for guitars.

anyways give it a shot. Any other mod suggestions feel free to send me a message as I don't really check forums after posting stuff much.
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I've always had a bridge pickup add-in miniswitch on my three-pickup guitars. I usually have HSH type strats, so I also have a pair of coil taps on them.

Most of my stratalikes have just two knobs, but the ones with three usually have either a Chandler Tone-X on a push pull (this is an active 16 dB mids boost with a sweepable frequency; in essence a parked wah) or a passive sweepable mids cut. On some guitars, you can get an active preamp (with passive pickups) that will give you an active treble boost/cut, an active bass boost/cut and an overall master volume. Very usable.
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Good thinking with the mini toggle. I was working on a more advanced schematic for this 3 mini toggled strat out of boredom and got lots of freedom to do whatever to it.

but you know I've never heard of the chandler tone-X so it's defintely something to google tonight.

The idea for the mids thought I know torres engineering had something. Finding a 1.5H inductor was a bit of a headache unless I ordered it directly from a company called moser. Totally easy though I have some of those schematics I'll attach below.

Scroll down a bit and it's english Lots of great mods.

thanks for the heads up on the chandler by the way. On youtube now watching someone talk about it.
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Quote by Tallwood13
Good thinking with the mini toggle. I was working on a more advanced schematic for this 3 mini toggled strat out of boredom and got lots of freedom to do whatever to it.

but you know I've never heard of the chandler tone-X so it's defintely something to google tonight.

It's a great boost and sound option for leads, and it's useful to have it onboard.

You can find a schematic for a FIXED frequency mids cut with a variable amount of rolloff if you dig up the schematics for the original Gibson L6S. The recent reissue of the L6S has a bass rolloff.

The information for a VARIABLE frequency mids cut with a fixed amount of rolloff is here:
www.guitarplayer.com/article/turn...midrange-cut/4029 and there are at least a couple of videos out there that demo it. In fact, I'd probably substitute it for the usual treble rolloff. It's a lot more useful.