Hi again everyone.
I've got an Apanoid pedal with me, and I love it. The Rainbow machine sounds pretty weird as well, which I find is quite something. Though I haven't seen any videos posted anywhere or peoples' thoughts concerning the combination of these two.
What I'm asking, is whether any people who have tried the combination can share their thoughts about it. I also want to know if they cancel each other out, or have to be put into a certain order to work.
I appreciate any comments, though a description would be good (if they work together of course).
I wish I could help you because I've been looking at the same combo. But I don't own them yet...

Thanks for starting the thread; perhaps we will be illuminated together!
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@dannyalcatraz Had to start it at some point, I mean this is a good forum, and the only place where you could probably find an answer is here. I mean those two pedals, especially rainbow machine, sound like they send you off into another world. The arpanoid, in my view has a slightly sweet futuristic-y sound to it, and the other pedal just sounds like you took a trip to the place where magical unicorns live. And if the combo is possible, they could open up another dimension! I mean these two pedals are probably two of the weirdest ones I've seen so far. I'd be so disappointed if the combo wasn't possible.
Btw, you're welcome.
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I would like to hear more about the arpanoid. I have been thinking of that combined with the Afterneath that I just bought. Not sure about the rainbow machine though.
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If they're both polyphonic, there shouldn't be an issue. Earthquaker is usually really good about having polyphonic effects, but I'm not sure about those two in particular.
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@Will Lane: I'd be paralyzed if I was exposed to such weirdness! :p jks, that's a good idea though, I didn't think about that. Unfortunately, I only have the Arpanoid right now.
@Offworld92 yeah, they're both polyphonic. Just curious, why do polyphonic pedals work better together?
@bobafettacheese I haven't properly listened to the Afterneath pedal yet. But if you're thinking about getting the Arpanoid, watch a few good demos before being sure. One demo wasn't enough for me, but looking at at least 4 or 5 determined my decision. I don't regret it. Though the thing you need to take into account, is that you have to fiddle with the parametres a bit and use different guitar techniques and combinations to get the most out it. Basically, be as creative as possible (Ex: I like using octave harmonics and especially glass slide cylinders with arpeggios using the pedal. The glass cylinder gives a really icey sounding effect to it, which I love).
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