I learned to play the guitar about fifteen years ago. I did it for about seven years and stopped due to numerous personal problems. Earlier this year I bought a new guitar and decided to continue playing a bit just for fun.

When I learned playing the guitar back then, I used to play songs from notes only, therefore the concept of "tabs" is a bit new to me. Although this makes it easier for beginners (since they don't have to learn reading notes first), there are quite some things that can go wrong while creating these tabs.

For example, have a look a this simple tab of the Happy Birthday song:
You'll notice that only two strings are used, but a quite big fret range from two to ten. Navigating the hand from fret two to fret ten is rather hard, especially since the frets are not equally distributed over the fretboard.

It would be so much easier if the tab would have used only the first four frets and three strings instead of only two. For example, like this:


Except for sliding, there is normally no need to use the frets five and upwards on the second to sixth string. Nevertheless, I see this in quite a lot of tabs here, with only a few exceptions (e.g. http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/m/misc_computer_games/tetris_theme_ver4_tab.htm). I tend to rate tabs doing this weird thing only one star.

So, why are you people doing this?