Hey guys =] My name is Jessie and im interested in getting into Acoustic Guitar. It might be hard to exactly tell you what style of music I want to play but I know it will be fingerstyle. IF you've heard of Andy Mckee's Ebon Coast, then that will give you a nice idea towards the style i'm looking for.

I also have no idea what kind of guitar to purchase. I am a left handed person but I will be learning the guitar right handed.

So here are some videos on what style i'm looking to play.


Good to hear. Things you'll want to consider when picking out a guitar: Price, action, size, cutaway. I don't know your budget or where you live, but it would be a good idea to get something that is at least $300. You don't need to spend more than $700 on your first guitar. With that being said, even cheap guitars are pretty good these days.

Action (string height) is very important for a guitar. As a beginner and a finger style player, you'll want low action, but you want it high enough so the strings don't buzz when you strum a chord.

As for the size, just pick something that is comfortable. You can find small guitars that are loud. You'll probably want a cutaway so you can get to higher notes easily; this will be important for finger style playing in particular. Seagull makes good cheap guitars that should be in a store near you.

As for the style you want to play, the only music I can suggest is Sungha Jung and any acoustic cover of vocals. I also suggest learning how to use a pick as well as your fingers.
I have three things to say:

#1: if you are looking for a starter guitar, which most are if they are starting =), my two cents say that if you are going to compromise early on - compromise in the direction of tone, not playability. If cost is not an issue, purchase still with playability on the mind. Because you are interested in finger style the neck, it's action, and it's width are going to play a huge factor in your learning. These things are still true for beginning strummers, but they are especially true for pickers.

#2: why would you want to learn right handed if you're left handed? You may be starting from scratch and therefor can learn any which way (I think this may be your logic) you'd be surprised how in-tune you are with your dominant hand. This is going to play a huge factor in finger picking.

#3: stay persistent because it will pay off. I started playing with a pick doing shitty covers of iron and wine songs, now, I don't do that =)
Quote by BUZZARD__
.... I started playing with a pick doing shitty covers of iron and wine songs, now, I don't do that =)

LOL ^_^
I think we all do the same (btw I'm beginner, I bought my guitar some months ago)
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