Hi everyone, I've decided I have to buy myself a looper to boost creativity and develop some ideas. I don't plan on using it in a band or live environment, just at home, just for writing guitar parts and practicing.

I've been thinking about smaller, simplistic loopers like TC Electronic Ditto Looper or Digitech JamMan Express XT. Is this a good idea or is it smarter to buy something a bit more expensive with more features.

Thanks in advance
Those loopers would work fine for you. If you've got more money to drop on a looper, 2 footswithes are better than one. You can stop, record and erase much easier, quicker and smoother with two switches. For just screwing around at home and practicing, I'm sure any of those would be fine though.
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^ up to what he said.

If you end up for a single button one get the jamman express xt though.
Same thing as the ditto looper, though it's bigger, cheaper, it has another channel, and it has status leds.
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Check out the Zoom G3/5.

Good for headphone practice, good with an amp, and they include a looper that synchs to the built in drum sequencer.

As an added bonus they are also an audio interface so you can use them to record your ideas to a PC based DAW.
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Boss Rc-30 is good for home use. 3 hours of recording time.
I have the Boss RC-3. 3 hours recording time, and 99 memory slots. Easy to use. Its awesome!
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